The Different Kinds of Roof and Attic Ventilation Products You Probably Did Not Know About

Oct 05, 2017

The Different Kinds of Roof and Attic Ventilation Products You Probably Did Not Know About

There are several types of roof and attic ventilators in the market, and although they all serve the same end, they do so differently. Find out how they differ in this article.

Exhaust Vents

Exhaust vents create an overall more comfortable environment in the house. In summer, they allow the hot air to escape your attic, while in winter, they reduce moisture that is building up in the attic.

Types Of Exhaust Vents:

  • Ridge Vents

Combined with external baffles, an internal weather filter, and an undereave vent, a ridge vent the most efficient ventilation system there is.

  • Power Vents

They exhaust heat or humidity from any attic, quickly.

  • Static Vents

Economical and favored by most professional roofing contractors.

Intake Vents

Any properly designed ridge ventilation system needs to have intake ventilation. It is important to note that the air intake vent area should be equal to or exceeds the net free area installed at the ridge, in order to maximize the ridge vent performance.

Types Of Intake Vents:

  • Continuous Soffit Vents

This type of vents is installed in your soffit or eave areas.

  • Undereave Vents

Undereave vent units specifically ventilate at the eaves.

  • Vented Drip Edge

For houses with little to no soffit, this type of vent is great, as it combines a drip edge with intake vents.

  • Edge Vents

Edge vents are installed on the roof, shingle-over, for houses with little to no soffit.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans are green, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional power attic ventilators.

Types Of Solar Attic Fans:

  • Roof-mount Solar Attic Fans

These fans are places on roofs in order to ventilate the attic in a green, eco-friendly way.

  • Gable-mount Solar Attic Fans

Placed on the gable, this solar panel collects and delivers power using direct sunlight.

Foundation Vents

Foundation vents help on getting rid of moisture and dampness that could potentially lead to rot and attract termites.

Types Of Foundation Vents:

  • Powered Foundation Vents

Used for foundations that are problematic and/ or hard to vent.

  • Automatic Foundation Vents

  • Manual Foundation Vents

Whole House Fans

Whole house fans usually aid AC units or work instead of them during mild summers. They are usually placed in a central hallway in order to pull fresh outdoor air through open windows.

Types Of Whole House Fans:

  • Belt-drive Whole House Vents

Great for smooth and quiet ventilation.

  • Direct-drive Whole House Vents

Very easy to install, and include a pull chain for easy operation.

Bath Or Dryer Vent

Areas that are usually warm and moist, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, need to be ventilated properly.

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