7 Common Roofing Scams

Nov 28, 2021

7 Common Roofing Scams

How To Avoid the 7 Most Common Roofing Scams

When it comes to roof replacement or repair, most homeowners are worried about getting scammed. While the majority of roofing contractors are trustworth, here are some of the most common roofing scams to watch out for.

7 Common Roofing Scams

Most roofers offer quality services, but you should always be on the lookout for scam artists. Thankfully, most roofing scams are very easy to spot.

1. They Offer a Very Low Bid

One of the biggest signs of a roofing scam is a very low bid. You should always get several quotes for a new roof. If one of them is much cheaper than the others, they are probably cutting corners.

2. They Are Extremely Vague

Be cautious of any roofer that is extremely vague. If they are overstating a problem or cannot provide specifics about the materials they will use, they are probably trying to inflate the cost.

3. They Use Pushy Sales Tactics

If your roofing contractor is trying to push you to sign the contract or the price is only good if you sign right now, it’s best to walk away. Any reputable roofer understands that it takes time to make a decision.

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4. They Do Not Ask You to Sign a Contract

Not signing a contract is a huge red flag. You should only work with roofers that provide a detailed estimate and a contract that outlines everything involved in the job.

5. They Do Not Have Proper Insurance or Licenses

Not every state requires licenses, so you will need to do a little research. However, every roofer should carry insurance that covers both their workers as well as your property in case there is an accident.

6. They Ask You To Pay Upfront

Another major sign of a roofing scam is if they ask you to pay upfront, especially in cash. Quality roofing companies will bill you after the work is complete.

7. They Require a Large Down Payment

While many roofers require a small down payment to book your job, avoid any company that asks for a large amount of money up front. Most down payments range from 10% to 20% of the total cost.

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