6 Ways To Maintain Your Roof

Feb 11, 2018

6 Ways To Maintain Your Roof

Although we tend to forget about it, the roof is an essential part of the house. Cleaning and taking care of your roof is essential, for it keeps your roof from being damaged by mold, and it maintains its beautiful appearance. Also, you will keep your roof functional for longer, saving you money.

This should be done at least every six months, once in the fall to prepare your roof for the cold weather and again in spring to check how it held up during the harsh winter months. More frequent checkups might be necessary after strong wind storms or after heavy snow and ice.Typically, hiring an experienced roofing contractor is the safest and best option, however, it will cost you money. If you are determined to do it yourself, these are a couple tasks every homeowner can follow to keep their roof in the best conditions possible.

But first, in terms of safety, if you are planning to clean and maintain your roof by yourself, be sure to work with another person. NEVER work on the roof alone. Use a steady ladder with a harness attached to your body and the appropriate footwear. Remember that it’s always wise to perform roof maintenance tasks on a day when it’s sunny and the roof is dry to help prevent slippage.

1. Look And See

Take a couple minutes to inspect your roof to look for any debris, moss or noticeable problems with the roof. This step will help you to decide what to do next.

2. Clean Up And Remove Debris

During rainy seasons, debris tends to trap moisture and cause damage to your roof. Taking the time to identify and remove it from your roof is important in preventing rot and decay. If your roof is slanted, then most probably leaves would fall off, but sometimes they tend to get stuck up there.Thus, the first step when you start your roof maintenance should be to remove all branches, leaves, trash, or other debris that might have found its way up and accumulated on the roof during winter.

3. Check And Clean The Gutters

This is one of the most important tasks when it comes to maintaining your roof. Keep on the lookout for debris, dirt, and fallen leaves. If there are leaves, rocks, or branches in the gutter, they can cause gutter problems which directly affect the lining of your roof. Using a gutter scoop, remove fallen leaves and dirt from the gutters. After removing as many loose debris as possible, rinse out the gutters using a water hose.

4. Get Rid Of Moss

Though it might not seem harmful at first, moss growth can cause incredible damage to the integrity of your roof. Moss and mold can soften and damage shingles if left too long. They can also create a traction for debris, causing your roof to hold onto any debris or dirt, the accumulated buildup on your roof is sure to cause rotting or leaking. If you observe any moss problems on your roof, do not attempt to scrape it off of your roof or use a pressure washer, for this might cause damage to the granules of the shingles. On the other hand, there is a wide variety of roof cleaning products to choose from. When purchasing a cleaner, be sure to follow the instructions to avoid damaging roof shingles. If you are not sure how to remove moss or mold from your roof, your best option is to call for professional help.

5. Inspect And Repair Shingles

It is always advised to regularly check your shingles to make sure that they are still in good shape and do not need any repair. During maintenance, you are likely to find some shingles broken off from the roof as they tend to shift and come loose due to strong winds and harsh weather. If you do spot some broken or cracked shingles during a quick inspection, install new shingles in their place or call a professional.

6. Inspect Your Attic

Don’t neglect your attic. Checking it from time to time can also increase the health and longevity of your roof. In your attic, it may be easier to spot certain issues with your roof. You can quickly identify dark spots on your attic walls and ceilings which will help you catch a leak in the early stages. Also, during the day, if you spot light shedding through the attic, it can be a sign your roof has missing shingles, thinned, or has a hole. Inspecting the health of your attic will help you diagnose the needs of your roof.

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